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JoyLot Rewards

  Make every purchase count. Shop as you do now.   Earn 3% unlimited JoyLot dollars rewards on your qualifying purchases.   Leave the seller a positive feedback and instantly use your JoyLot dollars, or wait for 60 days and we will credit your JoyLot rewards account.
  • It's free and will always be free.  
  • No expiration date, redeem at your convenience.
  • Unlimited JL$ earning and spending. Earn and spend all you can without limits.
  • Every JoyLot qualifying item will display the JoyLot rewards dollars you'll ear




Welcome to JoyLot Rewards!

JoyLot's standard 3% rewards program is offered on all purchases site-wide, plus any additional rewards offered on specific items. Items with additional rewards will be displayed on the details page for each item in a whole number which will include the JoyLot 3%. 


What is the JoyLot 3% Rewards Program?

The JoyLot 3% Rewards Program is purposed to grant JoyLot buyers and sellers money back on the items bought on JoyLot. This is due to the items purchased and will automatically recruit the rewards into your account. Based on leaving a positive feedback or reaching the 60-day time element, your JoyLot Dollars will then be available to you.

You can use your JoyLot Dollars to purchase items on JoyLot. You will instantly be credited as a result. For example, if your purchase is $100.00, you will receive $3.00 into your JoyLot account within 60-days after your purchase date, we will automatically credit your spending account. You can then use the $3.00 as a coupon towards your next purchase. Your $3.00 will instantly be deducted from your total amount during checkout.

If an item shows earn extra 10% in rewards, this concludes the standard JoyLot 3% plus an additional 7% offered for that particular item. in which you'll receive $10.00 for a $100.00 purchase with 60 days from your purchase date.

Is there a fee to sign up for the JoyLot Rewards Program?

No. There is no initial fee to sign up. It is FREE to members and will always be FREE.


Can anyone enroll in the JoyLot 3% Rewards Program?

Yes. Anyone can enroll domestically and internationally as a member of the JoyLot Rewards Program.

Is it possible to earn JoyLot Dollars on more than 1 account?

No. There is a limit of 1 account per member. You cannot earn JoyLot Dollars on more than one account. This is to ensure the integrity of the program.

What is required to join the JoyLot 3% Rewards Program?

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must confirm your purchase on the JoyLot website with a valid PayPal account or a valid credit card.
  • You must become a JoyLot member.
  • You must maintain an active account with no limitations.

How can you enroll into the JoyLot Rewards Program?

It is quick and easy to enroll. Your enrollment is automatic. You can also enroll by the recommendation of another JoyLot member or simply through enrolling on the website.

Receiving JoyLot Dollars:

Are there any restrictions when it comes to earning JoyLot Dollars?

Yes. You are restricted from earning your JoyLot Dollars in certain categories located on

The following categories of prohibition to receiving JoyLot Dollars include:

  • Real Estate
  • Cars
  • Industrial
  • Heavy Equipment & Machinery
  • Healthcare

Note: Other restricted categories may later apply to the JoyLot Dollars Program. 

How can you determine the amount received for active purchases made on JoyLot?

The amount received is appraised by examining the (item amount) x (volume elected) x (percentage received). Shipping, taxes, and other fees are excluded from this determining factor.

What percentage will you earn as a JoyLot Dollar Rewards member?

You will earn a 3% reward when you make any active purchase(s) on 

Is the JoyLot 3% Rewards percentage subject to change?

Yes. The percentage of 3% for the JoyLot Rewards Program is subject to change with or without prior notice.

Are there any conditions as to how many JoyLot Dollars you can receive?

No. There aren’t any conditions or restrictions on earning JoyLot Dollars with the 3% Rewards Program.

What is the time period you can receive JoyLot Dollars?

There is no time period. You have an unlimited time span when receiving JoyLot Dollars.


Is it possible to receive JoyLot Dollars and benefit from other JoyLot promotions?

Yes, it is possible. You can receive JoyLot Dollars in affiliation with other JoyLot specials or promotions while using your 3% Rewards. JoyLot encourages you to receive JoyLot Dollars while taking full advantage of other deals found on It is for your benefit as a JoyLot member.

Can I earn JoyLot Rewards while returning an item?

No. You cannot earn JoyLot Dollar Rewards if you return the item purchased. If you as a seller request for your final value fee from the account of the buyer, the buyers JoyLot rewards will not be earned.

What can you do to verify your JoyLot Dollars?

When you sign into your account, you will be able to verify your JoyLot Dollars through its pending status. After leaving a positive feedback to the seller or by waiting for the cycle of 60-days, you will be able to see your useable funds and apply it towards your next purchase. Every item available will show you your JoyLot earnings in your account as an active member.

Redeeming JoyLot Dollars:

When will you get your JoyLot Dollars?

Every 60-days your JoyLot Dollars will become redeemable. If you like to speed the process and avoid the waiting time of 60 days, you may leave a positive feedback to the seller and the JoyLot Rewards Dollars will become immediately available. Your JoyLot Dollars cannot be redeemed for cash back nor are they transferable. Your JoyLot Dollars can only be used for JoyLot active purchases. If you shop online at you can apply your redeemable dollars towards your purchase excluding purchases made in restricted categories. See the above section entitled Receiving JoyLot Dollars for more details. 

Slap to Sellers:

Will your selling fees slap you in the face as a seller?

No. Your seller fees do not go up based on the JoyLot Rewards Program. JoyLot Dollars distributes advertising capital by attaining new buyers and sellers to reward JoyLot members.

Sellers will have a JoyLot Dollars earned account. The seller may, in fact, request to have money transferred into his or her Pay Pal account. JoyLot will deposit funds to the seller.

Are you allowed to discuss JoyLot Dollars inside items listed?

No. The JoyLot Rewards Program is not mandatory; it is based on the choice made by the buyer or the seller. As a result, we strictly ask you not to discuss JoyLot Dollars in your item listings to avoid distraction. It possibly can negatively affect the sale of the product or item you are promoting as a seller.

I am a buyer; can I participate in the JoyLot Program?

Yes. You can perform in the JoyLot Dollars Program as a buyer.

I am a seller; can I participate in the JoyLot Program?

Yes. You can perform in the JoyLot Dollars Program as a seller.